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Why Should Teens Always Hire a DUI Attorney?

by Jordan
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Drunk driving is a raging cause of road accidents. It has been observed that in this case, the number of culprits involved is often teenagers rather than adults. This is because teenagers are inexperienced with alcohol and exercise less caution by putting themselves behind the wheel in this state, which results in a bigger problem than one could think of. As the law and penalties for teenage drunk driving are strict throughout the country, one needs to be aware and well prepared before facing them, as the situation might be more consequential than one could think of. 

Hiring a professional DUI attorney in Phoenix is the right thing a parent can do when defending their child against such an act. Facing charges by themselves could affect the rest of their lives due to a lack of knowledge. 

The benefits of professional help and why you should hire one can be interpreted from the below-mentioned points:

  • Help you be prepared and aware: A parent’s worst nightmare is indeed finding a defendant for their child for an alleged crime in the court of law. However, being prepared is always better than being surprised. As this is a growing phase, it becomes evident for them to be exposed to a more significant number of risks, as they tend to learn and experiment with new things. Thus, a little bit of knowledge of the law, a little bit of knowledge of what their rights are and the right way to behave, would save parents from a heck of a lot of grief.
  • Help you protect your child: There are various things a parent can do to protect their children and their rights. They are reviewing their school’s codes of conduct in one of the ways. Many times, parents aren’t well aware that their son or daughter’s school has specific rules students must abide by. Personal property searching is one of those rules. However, students are permitted to request to call their parents before any search is being conducted.
  • Instances of Parental Liability: As a parent or legal guardian, you should be aware of the fact that the law holds you legally responsible for the actions of your minor under the traditional civil fault principles, known as “common law,” in addition to other statutes of the country. 
  • Working with Attorney Phoenix: Working with certified professionals in DUI attorney Phoenix will further help you to know better about both the difficulties and rights of your child as well as yours in detail, which would further help you to face the situation head on. 


The farthest thing a parent could ever imagine is seeing their child behind bars due to committing some type of crime. As you believe that you have instilled the right thoughts in them and have worked hard to make them understand and judge what is right and what is wrong. However, tables can turn in the blink of an eye. 


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