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What Steps You Should Take If Your Car Gets Stolen?

by Jordan

Nowadays, having a vehicle means there is a danger of robbery. Motor vehicle robbery is too common these days, with heaps of automobiles being stolen every year. If you face this sort of state of affairs, first of all, do not panic, be calm, and comply with a few required steps. There are hints to help you to keep calm and assist you in accelerating the research and coverage declaration process. Call a criminal defense lawyer, file a police report, and declare insurance.

Below there is an outline of steps to be followed.

Call The Police Straight Away

Once you have confirmed the theft, call the police immediately and tell them every detail. If your car has a GPS tracking device, inform the police about it, it will help them trace the vehicle.

They will want to know:

  • Model, year, number, the colour of your car
  • Any distinct feature of your car
  • Vehicle Identification Number(VIN)
  • Information about GPS
  • Where and when you last saw your car

Contact The Insurance Company

The very next step should be to inform your auto insurance company within 24 hours of the theft with the police complaint report. Don’t be late; it may look suspicious. There is no such thing as “stolen car insurance,” but you will be covered for the stolen vehicle if you have a comprehensive car insurance policy. However, even if you don’t have it, you should inform the insurance company to protect yourself if the thief causes damages or hurts other people with your vehicle. 

When You Contact Your Insurance Have These Details Handy:

  • Location of the theft along with its date and time
  • Anyone other than you who had access to your car
  • Every detail of the car 
  • license plate number
  • Contact information of the financing company, if there is any
  • A list and description of the valuables that were in the car
  • Copy of the police report

Enlighten The Situation To The Department Of Motor Vehicles(DMV)

The next most important job is to inform the Department Of Motor Vehicles. The DMV has a database of the stolen vehicle. Apprising them will help to ensure that you will not face any ownership or title issues in the future. And this will be especially useful if someone tries to register the stolen vehicle.

Track Your Cars GPS 

The new models of cars are loaded with technologies. GPS tracking devices are one of them. Some technologies can track the vehicle and reduce the speed too. Check with the police to make the process fast.


Cars are mainly stolen for the parts so maximum times it is dismantled and disappeared quickly. So be prepared with a criminal defense lawyer. If the vehicle is involved in any offence, then these steps will help you to protect yourself. Otherwise, if you are lucky and get your car back, don’t forget to check the vehicle if it is in a working position or not. And try to be more careful next time.


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