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4 Steps To Find The Right DUI Lawyer

by Jordan
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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) can be very intense and stressful at times. These cases can involve multiple lawsuits if it’s not properly dealt with. Sometimes it involves breaking numerous laws. So it is advisable to opt for an attorney from any reputed  DWI Lawyer in Austin. This article will talk about the steps you need to follow to find the right DUI lawyer.

A DWI Lawyer in Austin will not only navigate you through the com[plex legal system but also will inform you about the minute details of the case. In case of complex DUI lawsuits, an attorney will help you to determine whether to plead guilty or not. A DUI lawyer will help you with a better understanding of the case.

Listing Out Potential DUI Lawyers 

It is essential to list down all the potential DUI lawyers from all available sources. It eases the process of finding an attorney. This is indeed an important job. The sources can be personalized based on recommendations. It is advisable to start listing the attorneys you have already worked with or may have a personal relationship with. Recommendations by friends and family also help. You can also search the Bar Associations and other professional DUI law firms.

Examine The Qualifications Of Attorney 

After listing, you just cannot appoint anyone. You need to run a background check of the lawyer. Thorough knowledge of the educational qualifications of the lawyer will help you in choosing. The track record of the lawyer is as vital as his areas of specialization. In this case, you should hire someone who has enough experience in DUI and DWI cases.

You should also inquire about the ethics of the lawyer. Lastly, you could ask for the opinion of your friends and family. You may also go through the LinkedIn profile of the attorney.

Consider The Fees Of The Lawyer 

Fees are a determining factor while appointing a DUI lawyer. You should inquire about the fees and payment modes before selecting the lawyer. You can even try to negotiate a bit. Most importantly, the contract should cover all the expenses, including the attorney’s fees and additional legal fees. Even though the fee structure varies from place to place, it is advised to compare the fees on a general basis.

Meet With The Lawyer In Person 

It is crucial to discuss the case face to face with the attorney himself. This is instrumental in building the trust factor. You should always carry all the DUI-related documents during such meetings. This will help you understand the case in a better way. Simultaneously you will also gain an idea about the lawyer’s prowess in this field. So make sure to meet your lawyer in person before appointing him.


As you can see, a lot of factors will influence the selection of the right DUI lawyer. You should carefully consider all the elements. Most importantly, find reliable DUI lawyers like the ones at The Law Office Of Matthew Shrum who suit your individual needs as DUI cases are often more severe than they appear to be.

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