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Local SEO to Make Your Law Firm More Visible to Audience

by Chris
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Want to stand in the eyes of your potential customers who are looking for the best law firm? Local SEO is the key. Keep reading to learn more!

The days when people used to look for professional service providers in a Yellow Pages book are no more. Nowadays, the majority of people, if finding an attorney, search online. And, unfortunately, if they can’t find you there, they create an assumption that your practice doesn’t exist.

Still not convinced?

I am sure the below reasons or benefits of Local SEO for Lawyers will make you believe what I am saying.

3 Significant Perks of Local SEO for Lawyers

  • Boost Traffic and No. of Clients

It is no bluff if I say SEO will bring more traffic to your website. But, as a result of that, you will get more phone calls to your office following more excellent conversion rates. You know, near about 74 percent of people who visit a law firm’s website are willing to take some action based on Google’s Legal Services Study. That means all you need to do is pull more of these people to your website. And local SEO can help you with this.

  • Excellent ROI

Choosing the best SEO company for lawyers can help you get ahead of your competition that too without breaking the bank. The reason is SEO gives you a high return on your investment when compared to other forms of digital marketing, like paid ads and email campaigns.

  • Your Opponents are Already Investing in SEO

Most importantly, whether you’re not investing in SEO or not, there are high chances your competitors are doing it. By default, ten names are leading on the first page of Google. It is no doubt that the firm occupying the first position will get the most of the clients.

We all know, 75 percent of people never go beyond the first page. That means you have a 25 percent (or lower) chance of getting seen by potential clients if you do not make your place in the top 10.

So, aren’t these benefits enticing enough? I know you are nodding in yes.

But now the question arises, what are the steps to follow to achieve the most out of local SEO?

Well, don’t worry, today I am sharing a 5-step plan to perform local SEO for your law firm.

Let’s dive in.

6 – Step Plan Get Most Out of Local SEO for Law Firms

  • Optimize “Google My Business”

Whenever it comes to Local SEO, no matter what industry you belong to,  Google My Business page (GMB) optimization is the first necessary step.

Let’s understand it this way; if you make a search on Google for Ice-cream, you will see a list of several nearby ice cream shops at the very top of the page. You will also find their phone numbers, websites, and their locations on a map. Now, probably these are the first businesses that you will contact. Similarly will happen with a law firm. Of course, to be in the sight of this intended audience, this is where you need to be.

Now the most important point, the data in results reflect from your Google My Business page. That itself says how critical it is to fill out this information in your local SEO efforts.

Check out these tips to optimize your law firm’s listing in Google:

  1. Pick the right categories for your law practice.
  2. Craft a relevant, long, and keyword-rich description of your law practice describing  the types of services you offer
  3. Mention a local phone number
  4. Add your complete address, same as your website.
  5. Put a link to your website.
  6. Upload some good photos.

As soon as you are done with your Google listing, Google offers some helpful stats with you. That includes info about the number of website visits you get from it, reviews you’re getting, the number of people clicking the phone number you have listed, and plenty more. Hence do not forget, you need to keep this info accurate and updated for good results.

  • Keywords Research & Update Accordingly

Right keywords for an SEO campaign are like cream to milk.

Of course, clients are searching only by using keywords. So, when people are looking for the legal services you offer, it is vital for you to show up in those search results.

Even if you are among the top ranks organically (i.e., main search results), people require to scroll past the local map results or the paid ads to find your business. And, the local map results are offering the public precisely what they are looking for. Therefore be their so as a top-rated firm, people call or visit you to book an appointment.

By researching and leveraging keywords based on region, make sure your content is relevant to a local audience. If you don’t know how to do that, law firm SEO experts can help you.

Now, ensure to use all the keywords across meta content, copy, and URL.

It would help if you optimize the following with local keywords:

  1. The “Title” tag
  2. H1 tag (primary heading)
  3. Throughout the content on all pages
  4. In the URL(If possible)
  5. Include keywords in “alt” tags
  • Set Up for Voice Search 

More and more people are now leveraging voice search to find what they’re looking for: “Google, find me the nearest law firm.” For those who are unaware, the Voice search is essentially asking a device with a voice message to find results for a user. According to reports and studies, nowadays, the vast number of mobile searches have a full local intent (near about 87%). That means if you choose to optimize for voice search, it will help you perform excellently in local results.

  • Make Website Mobile Friendly

There may be chances that you would not need to do this as your website is already mobile-friendly. But if not, make sure that your website is. Google has started to rank mobile-optimized websites higher than websites that are not because of the increased search volume on mobile devices these days.

  • Keep NAP Citations Same Everywhere

Another critical component of your local SEO plan is NAP. Basically, it refers to Name, Address, Phone, and.

To get the results you are desiring, it is crucial that your NAP citations are consistent across each page of your website. You also need to update the same on all other social media pages such as your Instagram page, LinkedIn, etc. If possibly you don’t have time to manage your social media, you can reach professional serving social media marketing for law firms.

Here, Consistency means they should be uniformly formatted and must have all the same information. For example, don’t use the abbreviation “Dept.” in your address on some pages and “Department” on others. It indeed seems small, but these inconsistencies can be a big deal to the web crawler bots that index and rank your website in search engines.

Schema markup is also essential

It is the schema that helps to gain traction in SERPs. Hence when creating your schema markup, make sure you keep it free from spam and keep audience intent in mind.

You don’t have to go technical. But to let search engines know what the NAP information on your webpage means, you must provide a list of accepted properties you can include in your website’s HTML code.

This way, the search engine will know that text is your address and not just some other random content. And will further use such details to display information precisely to intended clients when they look for it.

Overall, to improve your law firm website’s local search ranking, optimize your NAP.

  •  Link Building

The ultimate step to achieve top results using local SEO is to create incoming links to your website from other local websites. Without a doubt, having good getting quality backlinks from well-regarded local sources helps identify your site as one reliable source.

No wonder there are endless strategies for building backlinks. But again, for your law firm’s local SEO campaign, you can follow the below-ones.

  1. You can try reaching the organizers of local events about sponsorship in return for a listing on their site.
  2. Organize your own events and link the event page to your site.
  3. Post an article for a local-oriented blog or news website.

To get a higher Google rank for local attorney-related searches, find more local websites you can get to list your NAP and a backlink.

Need Help with SEO?

If you are a lawyer, there are high chances you won’t get time to do it all on your own. Also, if you are less aware of SEO, you might not able to fetch the results you can.

So, what to do then?

Hire a digital marketing agency offering SEO for attorneys, lawyers. Just make sure they are experienced and well-trained in the industry.

This will increase your website’s chances to get more visible in the local searches; at last, that’s what you want.

Anyways do it yourself or hire an agency, just do and earn the profits your competitors are already leveraging.

Good luck!

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