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5 Ways a DUI Charge Can Affect Your Life

by Jordan
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Always try not to arrest in the DUI case. In most states, if a police officer found your blood, alcohol concentration nearly .08, then you can be charged with a DUI,

But, in states like Colorado, you can get charged with a Driving While Ability Impaired if your BAC is between .05 and .08. So it’s possible to be arrested for driving home after any event at which you were drinking socially.

Both DUI and DWAI holds significant potential to impact your life badly.

Here are five notable ways a DUI or DWAI conviction can affect you.

Employment Prospects

A DUI charge can affect your professional reputation. Many companies conduct background inspections or otherwise ask you to disclose criminal sentences (not necessarily arrests). This issue could occur with both current and prospective companies, meaning that it will likely be more challenging to get and keep a job. The public sector, including military and government offices, may be particularly challenging.

Additionally, because DUI places limitations on your capability to drive, you will have difficulty if your job involves driving. It will also be more challenging to travel to your job if you have one.

Civil Lawsuit

If someone is injured while driving, you might face civil challenges as the injured people may claim compensation for his/her injury. This can be emotionally and mentally challenging for you. The effects of the lawsuit(s) may have long-term, life-changing consequences.

Car Insurance

Car insurance companies raise their rates after a DUI conviction. The rate will purely depend on the severity of the car accident and the sates law. In some cases, your insurance may even get cancelled, in which situation you will possibly have a tough time finding replacement coverage.

Personal Relationships

Getting a DUI charge or conviction can create conflict in your close relationships. This is a very stressful situation as you need to deal with both personally, professionally. It is also possible that relationships could be broken during the illegal process and aftermath.

Mental Health

One more meaningful way that a DUI can influence your life is that many people don’t consider: your mental well-being. Criminal charges and punishments are naturally stressful. Even the experience of being arrested can cause you anxiety or fear. Additionally, DUI can bring post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We all know mental health plays a vital role in living a healthy and happy life. If you are stuck in a DUI case, it will never let you sleep as the consequences of a case can damage your personal and professional life.

DUI cases can have severe effects on you as well as others lives. Avoid drinking and driving is the best way to avoid heartbreak from DUI punishment.

Immediate Consequences of a DUI

There are various consequences that you can face with a DUI charge. You can also go to jail and face a minimum 90-day license suspension. You will be asked to have an ignition-interlocking device (IID) installed in your car for 12 to 18 months, which requires you to blow into the device every 15 minutes to gauge your BAC levels. You will also ask to participate in a drug or alcohol screening and treatment program. Some judges may even command you to wear an ankle bracelet that watches your BAC levels for a specified period of time. A DUI remains on your record for seven years and will affect the future.

Future Consequences of a DUI

Most job applications require you to disclose any criminal history, while some will need any offence convictions, which is an aggravated DUI in Arizona.

Many types of research and financial aid programs have particular guidelines that beneficiaries must follow, and criminal convictions could result in a loss of funding. Most athletic organizations will cancel membership if a student is involved in any illegal activity. A DUI punishment can affect fellowship opportunities in professional organizations for graduate school.

If you are facing a DUI charge in Phoenix or Tempe? Contact professional lawyers to handle your case. Experienced dui attorney tempe know how to present the case in the courtroom and collect all the evidence to assist you in all possible ways.

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